Request for Certificates and Other Documents

Certificates of Professional Conduct

The CPSS issues Certificates of Professional Conduct (CPC) for physicians applying for licensure outside of Saskatchewan, whether for a practicing licence or participating in an elective.  Physicians should be aware of Registration Bylaw 37.1 (also included below) prior to applying for a CPC. 

Questions about CPCs? You can email

Applying for a Certificate of Professional Conduct

Physicians requiring a CPC must:

1)  Complete the Certificate of Professional Conduct Request Form 


Please be aware that the period of validity for a Certificate of Professional Conduct varies at the discretion of the jurisdiction or organization to which it is submitted. 
To avoid extra costs:  PLEASE VERIFY with your chosen recipient that the expected DATE OF ISSUE of the certificate will coincide within their established period of validity from the date of issue.  (For example:  Alberta - 90 days, British Columbia - 60 days, and Nova Scotia - 90 days.)

2)  Provide contact information for payment.

Note:  The College can no longer accept Credit Card Authorization Forms sent through email.  This is to protect your credit card information and maintain compliance with Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards. 

3)  Pay the required fee of $105. 

Note: Certificates are sent directly to the licensing authority requesting the document. They are sent within ten to fifteen (10 – 15) business days of receiving the completed form and payment.

     IMPORTANT: Are you planning to retire/relocate/leave practice?  
Please also review your physician responsibilities outlined at Leaving Practice and Emergency Closures.