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 The CPSS is a medical regulatory body responsible for the licensing of properly qualified medical practitioners, developing and ensuring the standards of practice in all fields of medicine, and investigating and disciplining of all doctors whose standards of medical care, ethical or professional conduct are questioned.  A variety of services and resources are also made available to the public and to physicians through the top and left navigation menus!   More about us

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 Consultation 2022


Feedback sought in FOUR consultations

The Council of the College has approved in principle changes to one bylaw, one guideline and two policies
These are:
      1. Advertising Bylaws
      2. Completion of Third Party Forms and Certification of Work
           Absence/Accommodation due to Illness or Injury

      3. Medical Examinations by Non-Treating Physicians
      4. Physicians and Public Health Emergencies

Physicians, health care organizations and members of the public are all invited to provide feedback.  

Deadline for responses:  September 9, 2022.

 CMPA Advisory
CMPA Extent of Assistance for Abortions Provided to Non-Residents
In the letter linked below, the CMPA responds to questions from physicians on the medico-legal implications of physicians in Canada providing abortion
services to patients who are not residents of Canada.
CMPA Extent of Assistance for Abortions Provided to Non-Residents

CPSS statement:

In Saskatchewan physicians must have insurance to maintain licensure.

  • The CMPA has advised that it will only provide assistance for physicians performing abortions on US patients in limited circumstances;
  • The CPSS requires physicians to have liability protection in order to practice medicine in Saskatchewan;
  • Physicians who intend to provide abortions on US patients must therefore make additional insurance arrangements for coverage when providing abortions on US patients.

 Emergency Bylaw Rescinded

Emergency Bylaw 2.18 Rescinded Effective July 15, 2022


On 20 March, 2020, Dr. Karen Shaw, the College’s Registrar, made a declaration of an emergency under Bylaw 2.18 to expedite licensing physicians to meet the needs of the Saskatchewan population during the Covid pandemic.

Effective 15 July, 2022, the Registrar rescinds this declaration of an emergency and the provisions of this Bylaw are no longer in effect.


 Specialty infant formula shortage
Shortage of Specialty Infant Formula
A Message from the Government of Saskatchewan

As you may know, there is a shortage of specialty infant formula following the shutdown of Abbott Nutrition’s U.S.-based facility earlier this year. The facility has re-opened with a focus on producing specialty infant formula and it is anticipated that supply will gradually become available over the coming months. Please find attached additional information pertaining to the national and provincial mitigation planning underway, a local contact for dietician support and a decision tree for shortage of hypoallergenic formulas.  For more information, see:
Letter to Health Care providers on Specialty Infant Formula Shortage
Decision tree for the shortage of hypoallergenic formulas | version française

 DocTalk 2022- Issue 2

  NEW ISSUE! DocTalk 2022 - Vol 9 Issue 2

    - Amendments to the Health-Related Renewal Questions
     - The Quality of Primary Care
     -Indigenous-Western Healing (Indigenous Perspective)
     - Supporting a good patient experience of care
     - Physician Burnout
     - Info for Residents Completing Training
     - Annual Renewal - Are you ready?

     - New & updated policies and bylaws






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